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Oct 05, 2016 · The controls for a thread group allow you to Set the number of threads for each group. For example, if you set the number of threads as 100; JMeter will create and simulate 100 user requests to the server under test . Samplers. As we know already that JMeter supports testing HTTP, FTP , JDBC and many other protocols.

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CXF directory must be set in global preferences SOAP UI. I'm using IntelliJ on Mac OS to create the stub from SOAP UI. After entering the WSDL url, output directory as "/Users/kaushik/Desktop" and package, when I try to generate the stub, it displays an error in a dialog box "CXF directory must be...Oct 04, 2012 · Click Finish ByDefault, the Change Assistant is installed in C:\Program Files\PeopleSoft\Change Assistant folder After you have installed Change Assistant, you must set the variable path and scan your workstation. Setting the Variable Path: After installing Change Assistant, you need to set the path. 1. Select Start, Settings, Control Panel. 2.

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Alter session set global_names = true; shortly, what this message means is that you are trying to perform an operation (update or insert ALTER SESSION SET GLOBAL_NAMES = TRUE; or simply assign the value of the local function into a variable and use it in the update/insert command

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Macros are stored under the macros directory under installation directory or settings directory. We can write a simple macro to open a file automatically from a FTP server just by giving the path. This macro releaves us by typing “ftp://[email protected]:21/” whenever we need to open files from the server.

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GMX (Global Mail eXchange) is one of the best email service provider which offers a feature of advertising. Users may access GMX Mail via webmail POP3 and IMAP4 protocols. Feature: It provides attachment up to 50 MB. It has drag and drops functionality to manage your schedule.