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For Fallout 4: FXAA+SMAA (SweetFX,Reshade) is great.No Lumasharp. For TW3: SMAA. For GTA V: FXAA+SMAA. Or you can try Amd Radeon AA settings. TAA(Temporal AA) is like TXAA. Forget about in-game MSAA and TXAA! They use way too much of memory and performance and gives bad results - textures are blury, but yet aliasing remains on edges.

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Mr. CeeJay also likes SMAA_CORNER_ROUNDING to be zeroed out, so keep that in mind if you think the HUD is illegible. It's worth pointing out the lack of access to a depth buffer here in MWO means SMAA_PREDICATION is useless to us, and a setting of 3 for SMAA_EDGE_DETECTION is patently unhelpful. In turn, you should also set RESHADE_DEPTH ...

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sorry for the bump but I read through this thread and found it very many differing opinions regarding TAA vs SMAA...I recently finished Rise of the Tomb Raider on PC and ran into the problem of which AA method to SMAA appears to be broken so I went with ReShade injectable SMAA and it looked fantastic...SSAA adds too much of a performance hit...couple of general ...May 28, 2019 · ReShade 4.3 has been released yesterday by maker crosire, delivering a host of improvements. The biggest highlight is easily the experimental support for DirectX 12 games, which is big news as ...

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The other difference is the slightly higher gains in performance with Anti-Aliasing OFF gaining 22fps (67%), SMAA 1x at 21fps (64%) gained and SMAA T2x once again falling just below at 18fps (55%). Other than that, you are safe at pumping all other Call of Duty graphic settings to their maximum, as they seem to have zero impact on performance.SMAA = I don't know about the details but it uses little resources almost to FXAA level but higher quality than it and is almost the same as MSAA. I think it's a great balance between performance and quality. MSAA = The default anti aliasing method in Skyrim. It's high quality at x8 or more, but really tasking for a medium to high end graphics ...

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In some cases which include temporal sampling, SMAA T2x for example, they additionally leverage previously generated frame buffers. Integrated temporal sampling with an earlier CMAA2 implementation is presented in Sungye Kim's "Temporally Stable Conservative Morphological Anti-Aliasing" article. 5