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# This function will check so that the type is an accepted type which could be used when inserting into a table. ... 'System.Decimal', ... [System.DBNull]) ...

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DBNull.Value); if (unitsOnOrder != null) command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@unitsOnOrder", unitsOnOrder); else command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@unitsOnOrder", System. DBNull .Value); if (reorderLevel != null ) command.Parameters.AddWithValue( "@reorderLevel" , reorderLevel); else command.Parameters.AddWithValue( "@reorderLevel" , System. It is intentional that the UltraNumericEditor's Value property returns DBNull when the edit area is empty. This was most likely done to support binding to the Value property. You should be able to work around this using a simple DBNull check: _Quote.NumberDeliveryDays = this.uneNumberDeliveryDays.Value == DBNull.Value ? Specifies the character that the DBMS Server will use to separate fractional and non-fractional parts of a number. It corresponds to the Ingres environment variable II_DECIMAL and is assigned the same values. This option is not used directly by the data provider, but is sent to the DBMS and affects the parsing and construction of numeric literals.

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In the stored procedure there is validation logic for positive decimal, negative decimal and positive integer values. I used the SQL Server ISNUMERIC system function for validation, but I couldn't validate the data as required because the ISNUMERIC function returns 1 for some characters that are not...

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Decimal is a value type, so if you wish to check whether it has a value other than the value it was initialised with (zero) you can use the condition Either place a check prior to your conversion & use a default value in the event of DBNull, or replace your null check afterwards with a check on rdrSelect...

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'Check if the value compares to System.DBNull, this should never happen ElseIf Value Is System.DBNull.Value Then 'Return the ValueWhenNull Return ValueWhenNull '"System.DBNull" 'Check if this is a date, that we are to check for min date values, and it is the min value ElseIf FailOnDefaultDate AndAlso (IsDate(Value) AndAlso Value =